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California Hats

California Hats That Keep It Real

Imagine how sweet you’d look rockin one of our legit California Hats from California Glory. Once you see our stunning caps, they will become an essential part of any outfit (or lack thereof) you plan to wear.

We offer the coolest designed and highest quality California hats for men and women. Experts craft each hat from soft materials with a back that can be easily adjusted for any head size.

About Our Hats- United Under California

We designed our California Hats especially for you, no matter who you are. Our aim is to offer an expertly designed hat for every lifestyle and walk of life. We want to help you tell your story, no matter who you are.

No matter how different all our customers are, we vow to unite you all under one common theme, California. This is why we made hats one of our brand’s main categories.

We work with only professional designers who can identify with you and make our visions come to life. This is the only way we ensure our headwear can enable you to express your individuality.

This is why we work hard to bring a you broad selection. So when you can find your hat, you immediately know it was created just for you.

Whatever your sense of style, you can be sure that our California hats will always be in style. You don’t even need to be from California to know thats so true.

A dream of ours is that the swag we sell will be special enough to be your companion for life. That’s why we work with high quality USA suppliers. It would be only too sweet for you to pass on something you love so much onto your kids.

From now on, rock the golden state on your head in style. Add a California Glory Hat to your wardrobe today.

How Do California Glory Hats Fit?

We make sure that our hats are all super high quality. We want you to love them.

Our snapback hats feature unique embroidered designs.

We provide abundant color combinations, and styles. The majority of our hats are snapbacks, in our collection you will find:

  • Classic Snapbacks
  • Baseball Hats
  • Dad Hats
  • Trucker Hats

We put every California hat we sell through a rigorous design process.

A Key Rule Of Ours: If we wouldn't love wearing it, why would we sell it?

Otherwise we know you wouldn’t love it.

This is so important to us. We go to great lengths to ensure that our hats will bring out the best of you. It would embarrass us greatly if you got anything but high quality from us. We also believe that the quality level should allow you to wear the hat for as long as you want.

4 Reasons we assure your hat will be high quality:

  • The Perfect Fit- Since we strive to bring out your unique personality through our hats, they need to be ready to be worn at any given time. That’s why our hats can be adjusted to comfortably fit any head size without compromising on the overall look.
  • Seamless Design and Style- We understand that looking good is a crucial consideration to everyone, whether young or old. That’s why we work round the clock to bring out elegantly designed California caps that will not cause you to break the bank. We strive to create designs that will always leave a lasting impression on everyone that meets you.
  • Durability- Our caps are made from sustainable fabrics. Each cap is threaded to perfection, and this goes a long way to ensuring that your hat will be in good shape for a long time.
  • USA Supplied- We are willing to bear the extra costs to make sure you have a wonderful experience. For our USA customers, we only work with trustworthy USA suppliers, screen printers and shippers.

Our designs run deep, and we always have new ones in the works. Let us know if we were missing the design you were looking for. We would be happy to discuss it or maybe even create it especially for you.

We Did It For California

California is our inspiration.

California is sunny year round, that means you need to keep the sun out of your face every day.

We understood this, and when we wanted to buy amazing California clothing ourselves, we discovered all these other hats look the same. There was very little personal touch to the California hat brands before us. In fact, we even doubt they were made by Californians.

So, we wanted to give you options. We promise to provide better choices than those other brands.

This is our commitment, to making the best California Hats Company.

We wouldn't be able to sleep at night knowing that your only choices were what we found when we first looked.

Because there is truly no other place like California. Beautiful beaches, world-class cities and wonderfully preserved nature. That barely scratches the surface.

California kids know it. We grew up so spoiled by the best of many worlds. We have snowy mountains and the beach just a short drive from each other. There are unlimited beautiful hikes and the best amusement parks.

Just try and compare it to other states. You can’t. It just stands out way too much. Unless you’re into winter sports (Oh we may have you beat there too! Mammoth, Tahoe, etc) This paradise never has any shortage of adventure. If you are a local or just visiting, California has something for everyone. They don’t call it the Golden State for nothing.

The last thing we have to point out about the Golden State is the fact that the people are so amazing. This is something else we are known for. I can proudly say that my fellow Californians are mostly all great people. Laid back, but not lazy. Smart, but not arrogant.

Over all, we are a very accepting and welcoming bunch, you will truly find all sorts of people here. After all, most Californians came from other places but when they got there never left. Who can blame them?

10 Reasons To Wear A Hat

There is no debate, hats can make you look great. Here are some of the many reasons to wear a hat.

  1. They can be the crowning accessory to a perfect outfit, like sprinkles on a cupcake.
  2. Hats can make your life easier. No time to brush your hair or take a shower? Awesome, throw on a hat.
  3. Hats are also an amazing form of expression, they can be an excellent way of telling others about yourself or expressing how you feel.
  4. Need to express you’re a surfer or skater among jocks? Or maybe a ball player among surfers? No matter the need, we got you covered.
  5. Look great and express yourself while keeping the sun and your hair out of your face.
  6. Some hats make you stand out and memorable to others. Other hats can make you more low key and blend in.
  7. Keep your visibility clear and free from the glare.
  8. Hats can keep you cool on a summer day, or warm when it’s windy or cold.
  9. They are comfortable.
  10. They are fun!

Keep in mind, all of these reasons are only accentuated by our super cool designs. Wearing a California hat is a statement, no matter where you wear it.

The state of California is a brand in itself that is synonymous with “cool,” Hollywood, great weather, cutting edge technology, sports, innovation, nature, and so much more.

Does California Glory Offer More California Products

We sure do! That’s what we are all about here at California Glory. You can check out our amazing selection of California T-Shirts for men and women. We want to make the people of the California Republic proud.

Our team is always hard at work conceptualizing and creating the next amazing designs. We live and breathe all things California. So it’s only a matter of time. In the future we will definitely offer more!

Contact us or message us on social media if you have any ideas for products! Also let us know if you have any feedback. We love talking to our customers.

Since it's our brand mission to unite very different people under the theme of California, make sure you follow our Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates. Don’t miss out!

Support A Great Cause- California Wildlife

California has always been a leader in the fashion industry. That being said, fashion should do their part. Fashion supporting wildlife conservation and rehabilitation is just the combination the industry needs.

Our brand California Glory will donate a part of the proceeds of the profits from every sale to the California Wildlife Center. That’s right people, we are giving you a way to look amazing by buying products you love while making the world a better place.

In California, we strive to keep a harmonious lifestyle with animals. Some people in the rest of the country may not know, but in California it’s not uncommon to see deer, coyotes and many more critters walking down a residential street.

This is specifically why we need to work harder than ever to make sure we do not take away their habitat for good.

About The California Wildlife Center

The California Wildlife Center is a wildlife medical and rehabilitation facility located in Santa Monica Mountains. It seeks to ensure that every animal that needs care gets utmost attention before returning to their wild state.

This organization has taken care of over more than 44,000 wild animals. These wild animals are usually hurt or injured by the effects of their urbanized environments. This has become a very serious problem.

The California Wildlife Center strives to protect wild habitats and the environment. It also does this through training, education, and partnership with the local community. They bring awareness to people who may have misconceptions about how they can step in and help wildlife. Awareness is important, or else good people can end up hurting animals unintentionally.

Learning to live in peace with our animal neighbors will only make California a more harmonious place in the long run.

How California Glory And You Come In

California stretches over 160,000 square miles. There are 3,000 lakes and reservoirs, 103 major streams, and 74 major rivers.

Amazing species such as Island foxes which are only found in the Channel Islands call California home. There are also fairy shrimp in California’s remaining vernal pools, and millions of reddish-orange Monarch butterflies continue migrating from Mexico through California’s central coast every year.

The Californian coast is home to Abalone, a native species which clings to rocks and wave-swept ledges. The Common murre can dive into the depth of more than 300 feet to catch squid and fish.

California is also one of the last states with a Mountain Lion population.

The amazing wildlife and wild lands face developmental pressures with each passing day. Human activities like urban development and population growth have put greater demands on the Californian land and natural resources.

The California Wildlife Center needs our help as they seek to protect the native wildlife. You can help today by simply purchasing one of our amazing California hats.

The best part is these hats offer a wide array of designs and categories. So, fret not. You’re sure to step out in style while helping save the animals.

Don’t forget, you’re donating to the conservation and rehabilitation of Californian native species. Your support when buying California Hats could go a long way to preserving the wild habitat, and you’ll be happy you did in the long haul.

We’re always working on new hat designs. At California Glory, we always got you covered, literally.

You can truly make your days that much better with one of our California hats.

So grab one of our awesome hats for your day at the beach, night on the town, weekend trip with friends, a romantic evening, a day at Disneyland, a cruise down highway 1, a nature hike or whatever other amazing California activity you have planned.

You will be happy you did.