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About California Glory

A Different Kind Of California Clothing Brand

To be the world's freshest and most fashionable California Clothing Brand. That is why we created California Glory. Its simple, we love California and our goal is to feed your burning passion for everything to do with the state. We design every piece of apparel to be a cherished keepsake for your adventure through life.

Our California Clothing Brand allows you to show your passion for the Golden State. Inspiration for the designs comes from aspects of the diverse California state culture.We make designs for people of all walks of life so that we can unite them under one main theme, California. Our goal is to tell everyone’s California story. No matter who you are.

The distinct lifestyles in California are what we design each product around. This is what leads us to craft the perfect designs for you. Every item from our store was designed around very specific topics with you in mind. That is why you wont find endless pages of inventory here. We don't mass produce average products that are the same as everyone else. 

Instead, we celebrate everything amazing that makes California the place that it is. We want every surfer, skater, ball player, hippie, red neck, mom and Dad to find something for them here. Truly, a California brand for everyone. Our vision was not to create just any California Clothing Brand. We committed ourselves to California clothing style and a Fantastic Customer Experience.

Our mission is to provide you with the best choice in California Apparel and gifts. That is why all our products are shipped from and printed in the USA. Invite your family and friends to shop with us here at California Glory.

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A Great Cause

Part Of The Proceeds From Each Sale Will Go To The California Wildlife Center.

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