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Dad Hat
Dad Hat
Dad Hat
Dad Hat

Dad Hat


For the real MVP, the Dad Hat.

The Incredible Dad Hat For Dads

The dad hat generally means a retro style hat that your dad would wear. It doesn’t imply that a Dad is the only one who can wear it. But in this case, this Dad Hat, is actually a Dad Hat made for Dads.

If you are a California Man, then there is no better way to show off your fatherly pride than rocking this bad boy.

Featuring a big and little bear together symbolize the bond between father and child. This hat tells the world you are raising little Californians and proud of it.

For Dads Who Keep It The Realest

We made this hat to celebrate Dads, who more often than not as the “behind the scenes hero,” aka chop liver.

This hat features 100% chino cotton twill, it is unstructured allowing for a relaxed fit with an adjustable strap and antique buckle so you can keep on keeping it the realest no matter what your awesome doo is (or lack thereof).

We also offer this hat in multiple colors so you pick.

NOTE- If you’re not a Dad, this hat is the perfect gift for the California Dad in your life. What a nice surprise for Christmas or Fathers Day. We also have a lot more California Hats to choose from.

Do It For Your Kids

But real talk, will this hat embarrass your kids? Thats the point. Totally the right thing to do.

If you buy this hat, we will donate a portion of the proceeds to helping California Native species. What a great way to teach your kids the importance of nature and giving back.

This will also be a great opportunity to make sure your kids understand how fast we are encroaching on the habitats of the wild animals we share the earth with.

You are just one click away from securing your spot as the coolest Dad at the soccer or baseball field. What are you waiting for?