15 Best Tide Pools in California To See Cool Sea-Life

Tide pools are formed by pockets of water becoming trapped in rocky coastal areas where the ocean and sand meet. The small pools created allow marine life to flourish in this area. Tide pools are exciting for adults and kids alike. They offer an opportunity to see some cool sea life, including crabs, sea anemones, sea stars, sea urchins, and more.

What’s so fascinating about tide pools in California?

California’s rocky coastline offers opportunities for adults and kids to go tide pooling and explore the fascinating world of sea life. You need to pay attention and look out for the species you may just spot while tide pooling, especially the ones that tend to blend into their environment. These fascinating creatures you will spot when you visit California tide pools are worth documenting through photographs or videos.

When to visit tide pools in California?

You must be careful to visit tide pools only during the low tide. You can check tide tables before heading out for tide pooling to be sure you’re visiting at the right time. These tables will tell you the tide level measured in feet in comparison to the level of water. If the level is lesser than one foot, it’s low tide while negative tides are closer to 0.

Which are the best tide pools in California?

So, you know that the tide pools in California are worth visiting and you are confident about when you should go tide pooling. But, there’s still a big question to be answered. Where should you go? Luckily, there are several great tide pools in California that you can visit with your family and enjoy.

We’ve rounded up some of the best tide pools in California for you to explore.

1. La Jolla Tide Pools, San Diego

The La Jolla tide pools in California are so many, they simply couldn’t be left out of this list. San Diego’s sandy beaches and rocky cliffs create the perfect circumstances for the tide pools here. Tide pooling here is best done between the months of December and March. The La Jolla Cove is one of the biggest attractions here, with tide pools to the north end of Scripps Park. The rocks are covered by algae so they tend to be quite slippery. You’ll be able to see hermit crabs, barnacles, mussels, sea anemones, and lots of limpets here. The lower regions of these tide pools in California are also abundant in seagrass. Some other exciting La Jolla tide pools in California include the Dike Rock tide pools, Shell Beach tide pools, South Casa Beach tide pools, Hospitals Reef tide pools, False Point tide pools, and Windansea Beach tide pools.

2. Cabrillo Tide Pools, San Diego

This is among the top picks when it comes totide pools in southern California. These tide pools can be found in the waters around the Cabrillo National Monument, under the sandstone cliffs of Point Loma. Close to the shore, you’ll find sea life like lined shore crabs, limpets, periwinkle snails, troglodyte chitons, and acorn barnacles. You may also spot some mussels, lobsters, anemones, and octopuses in the middle intertidal zone. The ecosystem here helps plant and marine life thrive. This is a popular tourist attraction though so it can get crowded pretty quickly. Keep your camera ready even while driving down here so that you can capture the picturesque sights in the way. Cell phone reception isn’t that great though, so make sure everyone is in the same place, otherwise, it can get become difficult trying to coordinate with others.

3. Abalone Cove Shoreline Park Tide Pools, Rancho Palos Verdes

This is another top pick when it comes totide pools in California. The beach here is scenic and has a rocky trail, if you’re up to do some walking. The tide pools in California located in this park are to the south end of the beach below its tall point. Taking a walk through the park will bring you close to the sea inhabitants in the tide pools here. You may even end up coming across an abalone, the sea creature that inspired the name of the cove. The walk required to reach here makes the place less crowded. You can even have a picnic on the grassy lawns or the picnic tables once you’re done. While Rancho Palos Verdes has other tide pools, this one is by far the most famous.

4. Leo Carrillo State Park Tide Pools, Malibu

Tide pools in general are family-friendly spots, but the Leo Carrillo State Park tide pools of Malibu are some of the best. When the water recedes during low tide, the beach’s rocky underbelly is revealed. Some sea creatures you can spot here include mussels, sea stars, crabs, and sea anemones. The tide pools here can be found below Sequit Point between the North Beach and South Beach. The area even has a dog beach, protected coves, and large rocks to climb, making it an exciting place for kids. You have to pay for parking here via automated pay machines or through a pay-by-phone app. You can’t pay in cash so be prepared when you go.

5. Fitzgerald Marine Reserve Tide Pools, Moss Beach, San Mateo


The James V. Fitzgerald Marine Reserve is situated to the west of Lake Street in Moss Beach. The region-protected area is run by the San Mateo County Parks. The low tide here creates some of the best tide pools in California. A short path from the parking lot will lead you to the tide pools here. You can find dense algae clusters, hermit crabs, snails, and sea anemones in the tide pools here. Some mussels may even blend into the tide pools in the area. You may even come across sea birds feeding on some sea creatures here. The abundance of marine life in the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve makes it one of the best places to go tide pooling with your family. Reaching the place from San Francisco and San Jose is also easy. The Reserve’s tide pools in the Bay Area are worth the visit.

6. Duxbury Reef at Agate County Park, Bolinas, Marin County

Thesenorthern California tide pools are a must-visit if you want to truly explore the fascinating world of tide pooling. The reef is situated in the southernmost region of the Point Reyes Peninsula in Marin County. The reef becomes exposed during low tide, giving you the opportunity to take a look at extravagant marine creatures. The reef can be accessed from the Agate County Park in Bolinas and the shallow rocky region extends from Duxbury Point. You can enjoy observing sea life with your family and kids here. It is one of the tide pools in California you can’t afford to miss.

7. Little Corona Del Mar, Newport Beach


Another top pick among tide pools in California is the Little Corona Del Mar tide pools of the Newport Beach area. These tide pools in California have two distinct regions. One is towards the north of the beach with scattered marine life and larger rocks. The other area is to the south. This has uneven rocks and boulders and is generally the preferred region for tide pooling. There is immense diversity in the sea life you will be able to spot at these tide pools in California. You will find mussels, limpets, barnacles, sea hares, crabs, snails, and various types of algae.


8. El Matador State Beach Tide Pools, Malibu

The El Matador State Beach has large monoliths that allow for perfect tide pools in California. The marine life that settles on these monoliths can be seen clearly during low tide. Mussels, barnacles, sea hare, sea star, as well as red and brown algae can be seen here. There are even big chitons and colonies of sea anemones that cover the boulders in this region. You’ve got to be careful getting here though. The path to this beach and tide pools in California is quite steep. You don’t want to end up getting injured trying to get to the base of the steep cliff.


9. Natural Bridges State Beach Tide Pools, Santa Cruz


These tide pools in California are characterized by a large rock bench. There’s a long flat shelf extending from the land to the ocean and a cliff of several feet in height. There are small, deep, and wide tide pools in this area. The region’s deep channels also make it easy for marine life to become attached. Come tide pooling during low tide and you will get to bear witness to the area’s marine creatures yourself. Be sure to carry a camera if you want to get some pictures of the creatures and picturesque view here.

10. Treasure Cove Beach Tide Pools, Newport Beach


This is among the tide pools in California that stays true to its name. It has breathtaking tide pools that will make you believe in magic and even a cave that can be accessed during the period of low tide. The tide pools in California here are situated on the northern end of Crystal Cove State Park. The beach can be accessed from the park entrance and a slight walk ahead of the parking area. Sometimes, guided tide pool walks are held by rangers for visitors. There’s a lot to do at such tide pools in California. You can enjoy a picnic with your family after tide pooling or even pick up something to eat at the café.

11. Point Lobos State Reserve Tide Pools, Monterrey County


The Point Lobos State Reserve is known for its scenery and natural habitats, including the marine environments in the region. Two main tide pools in California can be found here. The park is located to the south of Monterrey Bay between the areas of Carmel and Big Sur. Exploring the park is going to take you some time so be sure to reserve several hours in advance. You can park near any of the two tide pools in California you want to visit. If you’re physically fit, you’ll enjoy walking to the other tide pool in the region after you finish exploring the first.

12. Dana Point Tide Pools, Orange County

These tide pools in California extend for hundreds of yards. Large boulders and rocks can be found here. A big cliff in the area overlooks the ocean. The tide pools here begin north of the beach behind Ocean Institute in Dana Harbor. The sea life that can be found in tide pools here are anemones, fish, crabs, mussels, snails, barnacles and different algae. The algae-covered boulders in the region are slippery. There are many parking lots in the area for you to park your vehicle free of cost, but it does get crowded. You need to hurry to find a free parking spot, especially on a holiday or a weekend in the summer.

13. Sunset Cliffs Tide Pools, San Diego

Although this is considered to be a surfing spot, there are some tide pools in California at the bottom of cliffs found here. The large and flat tide pools are covered by algae. There are also shallow channels that bear most of the marine life found here. Sea anemones, fish, and snails are common sea creatures found here. You won’t have to worry about injuring yourself trying to reach the tide pools here. There is a staircase that leads directly to this beach and tide pools in California.

14. Asilomar State Beach, Pacific Grove

This is located on the Pebble Beach side of the Monterey Peninsula. It is made of several rocky points, sandy spots, and small coves. There is a walking trail created between the road and ocean, allowing for easy viewing of the coves. During low tide, you can spot marine creatures in the area and make memorable experiences.

15. Coal Point Tide Pools, Santa Barbara

This is one of the best tide pools in Santa Barbara. These flat pools are caused by low-lying rock formations. Some of the larger rocks in the area are also covered with sea life such as barnacles, mussels, and anemones. Most tidal areas and regions of the ocean floor here are covered by green algae. The area also has hardened oil deposits that are the results remaining from an oil spill that happened many years ago. The region got its name as a result of these oil spills. You can access the Isla Vista beach area first and walk north to these tide pools in California.

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