15 San Diego Influencers On YouTube You Need To Know

Some of the top influencers in San Diego, California.

Who are San Diego influencers?

An influencer is a person, usually appearing on social media, who has the power to affect the decisions and behavior of others. The power of a person's influence is largely due to the person's knowledge, authority, position, or relationship with his/her audience or viewers. Some of these influencers can affect the purchasing decisions of others. Influencers, such as San Diego influencers may have a following in a distinct niche with whom they engage actively. The size of the fan following corresponds to the size of his/her subject of the niche. Niches may include fashion, health, lifestyle, etc. A niche is an area of interest.

The influencers around the San Diego area in the state of California may have a huge following of people of that state, and all over the USA. Furthermore, since an influencer may post his/her messages, podcasts, blogs or vlogs online, he/she can have a following that is sourced from any part of the world. Social media influencers have the potential to affect the decisions of over 60% of the global population. This is the number of people that are actively online at some time or the other.60 percent of the world’s population is now online. Apparently, people look up to social media influencers, who may be San Diego vloggers, to guide them in their individual decision-making processes.

Why are San Diego influencers important and what are the types?

Social media influencers are people who have developed a reputation for their expertise and knowledge on a particular topic. They post regularly on the internet through several media channels like YouTube, for example. Through what they post, a blog or a vlog, they generate enormous followings of engaged and enthusiastic people. These are their audiences who pay close attention to their views, ideas and opinions. Brands absolutely love these social media influencers. For instance, San Diego influencers can give rise to trends and encourage their disciples to buy products they promote on social media. As a result, an influencer is, for all purposes, an effective advertising and publicity device.

Different types of influencers exist. You can categorize them by the number of followers, content types and degree of influence. Influencers can also be grouped by the niche in which they indulge. Mega-influencers are celebrities like movie stars or singers who have attained a reputation over a long period. Sportspeople fall in this category too. Such influencers have gained fame offline. A common view is that social media influencers of any kind should have a following of 1 million or more. Many San Diego lifestyle bloggers may not have these numbers of followers, but they grow exponentially as more people view them.

15 YouTube San Diego influencers you need to know

Social influencers are common on YouTube, and they are called, "YouTubers" in general parlance. Many people who are influencers either post blogs, written content that influences people, or vlogs. Vlogs are very common and are believed to have more effect on the audience. A vlog is a video log or video blog. Vlogs often contain embedded videos with supporting text and metadata. You can post vlogs in a number of niches, such as fashion and travel. San Diego vloggers may talk about niches like favorite areas to visit in the San Diego area or may post videos of their experiences at a travel destination. YouTube is a 21st-century phenomenon ranked by Alexa as the #2 global website, only second to Google. Google, of course, owns YouTube. What follows is a round-up of 15 of the most important San Diego influencers on YouTube.

Capron Funk

Capron Funk (real name) is a famous persona among San Diego influencers. He is a prominent scooter rider in America, and his claim to fame is music. Along with his brother (Cory) and cousin (Tyler), he started a YouTube channel called "Funk Bros". Currently, he is well-known as a YouTuber and appears on several other YouTubers' channels too. With professional scooter riding as his primary profession, his YouTubing has earned him over three million subscribers and is growing as we speak. The channel posts fun-filled videos (performing scooter tricks like flips) related to scooter riding and music. Although other YouTubers have accused them of plagiarism, this has made their channel only stronger.

Merrick Hanna

Merrick Hanna is a child star who has acted and danced on stage and screen. After proving his talent as a proficient dancer, acting on Netflix, Disney and Nickelodeon. He has a YouTube channel which made him popular in the first place as he promoted himself in self-styled dancing videos. Out of the many San Diego vloggers, this little star has around 3 million followers and appears regularly on TikTok too.


Known as Zeth, this is a famous YouTuber and TikTok star. A model, singer and dancer, he has followers who adore his "cute smile". Winning international acclaim for his eye-catching videos, his modeling shoots are legendary. Unintentionally, he is among the many San Diego fashion influencers who have made it big on social media. Sharing his modeling pictures and fashionable outfits on Instagram and YouTube, Zeth has been crowned "the muse" of the social media fashion scene. His YouTube channel also shows videos about the life of him and his daughter, Saylor. Combining the mantra that you can have it all, family life and a fruitful career, Zeth has managed to accumulate a large fan following on all his social media sites. His YouTube subscribers amount to a cool 87,000 today.

Isabela Freitas

Originally from Brazil, Isabela Freitas is a social media celebrity. She got more than 750,000 subscribers on YouTube for her advice about life's struggles and working through relationships and family issues. She has a son and has written many self-help books that she talks about in her videos on YouTube.

Amber Mamian

Amber Mamian (Mama Munchkin) is the mother of five. These children constitute some she has adopted too. Amber shares global travel tales and parenting tips as well as information about adoption. Her blog is as intriguing as it is diverse, posting personal struggles and theme park preferences all at the same time! She has a YouTube channel on which she posts videos of her family and interactions. Videos are informational as well as contain personal accounts of her life. A San Diego lifestyle blogger to check out, she's a creator and influencer on YouTube.

Adel Hynkova

YouTube influencer and personality, Adel is recognized for her content creation and family vlogs. In the midst of numerous San Diego vloggers, she stands out with a following of 160,000 plus followers. Posting videos about travel and lifestyle, she is originally from the Czech Republic and associated with Taras Kulakov, a fellow YouTuber from the same country.


Known for her gaming content, this live streamer on YouTuber posts Twitch content like never. Her innovative live comedy sessions showcase her gaming expertise while playing a range of games. You can see her playing Witcher 3, World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy 14, and many more. Her audience is not simply the gamers of the world, but extensively global. Amassing more than 500,000 followers to her Twitch channel, she also gets millions of subscribers on her YouTube channel.

The well-known broadcaster has claimed that her Twitch channel is intended for audiences that are mature. In a world mainly dominated by men, KruZadar has liberated the gaming universe by building a woman-controlled live gaming platform. Once in a way, she posts vlogs on lifestyle topics like cooking, and this keeps her vlogs fresh. A novel vlogger among San Diego influencers, KruZadar is set to go places.

Philip Boelter

A leading figure in the art arena, Boelter is an avid YouTuber posting everything to do with art. His nature-inspired works, mainly floral and desert-like, have gained recognition from thousands of followers. Prints by the artist can be viewed on YouTube where he talks about his art and inspiration. In case you wish to buy his art, he has a website where you'll discover his art for sale. Much of it gets sold out within a week of posting. You can view and buy everything from wall art (signed) to signature clothing with art imprinted.

Life with MaK

Makenna Kelley is a teenage YouTube sensation, resonating with adults and children alike. San Diego influencers never had it as good as Life with Mak. She posts vlogs eating and making cute sounds. Her channel has made it to more than 1.5 million subscribers, and she started off by posting videos on food tasting. In earlier videos, she claims to taste food from around the world and portrays her reactions to it. Her first video to go beyond 4 million views was "ASMR - Eating BURSTING BOBA/Popping Sounds". In the early part of 2019, her channel had reached a whopping 100 million views.

Anthony Jabro

Jabro is a YouTube star better known as "Sherman the Verman." Extremely popular in San Diego, his birthplace, he is sought-after globally too. With over 600,000 YouTube subscribers, he posts entertaining live content in many niches. He is of Arabic descent and has a fellow YouTuber as his cousin, Faze Rug. Faze Rug features frequently on his YouTube channel.

Hayley Kiyoko

Hayley Kiyoko Alcroft is an American dancer, singer, actress and songwriter. She was a child model and has appeared in numerous films and television shows. Her record labels include Empire and Atlantic. Her mother was a figure skater and choreographer and her father, a comedian. Hailing from Japanese ancestry, Kiyoko has been an entertainer since she was a child. She is a gay rights activist and is open about her sexual orientation as a lesbian. She posts vlogs on YouTube and talks about her experiences and this strikes an authentic chord with viewers around the world. Other serious San Diego influencers tend to take her very seriously for her honesty and her abundant talent. She has been politically active in her support for democracy and endorsing Joe Biden for President.

Alissa Carrington

Alissa Carrington aka Alissa Butt is a YouTuber in America who has reached stardom through YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. Indulging in a couples vlog with her girlfriend, Samantha Miani, she posts videos dealing with question and answer sessions about life challenges and situations. Most vlogs are about her lifestyle, how the couple spends their time and quirky and funny moments in her life.

Linc + Canyon

Linc + Canyon are the top influencer duo on YouTube with a reach of more than 175,000 followers and an engagement rate of 7+%. As two men who are partners, they talk about their relationship and challenges openly and with confidence. They vlog about trips they take together and the fun experiences of their lives. As San Diego influencers go, Linc + Canyon have niches in cookery and lifestyle segments. These two are very famous with both gay and straight couple audiences who identify with them for the simple daily life activities they share. To add to their USP, they are cute to look at and this draws people to them.

Carly Anderson

As a lover of style and fashion, plus the qualification of a teacher, Carly is an experienced mother of two. Her ability as an influencer on YouTube expands to all things mother and child-related. Additionally, she talks about fashion and keeping your sense of style. She is the epitome of San Diego fashion influencers as she talks about body positivity and gives audiences beauty tips that flatter body types. Lipgloss and Crayons, the name of her vlog, is popular. Carly gives you life and style hacks that work. Her following grows with each day, and she is someone to look out for.

Mirna Tovar

With 175,000 YouTube subscribers under her belt, Mirna has a vlog that talks about beauty, cooking, baking and general lifestyle. Her inputs on healthy eating and general health are good, and with her almost Gothic appeal, she draws in audiences with topics that appeal. With stints in modeling, this lady sure knows what she's talking about.

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