Women's California Crewneck Sweatshirts

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Women’s California Themed Crewnecks

Crewnecks date back to the 1930s and over the years, they have become more and more popular. At California Glory, we offer a wide variety of California-themed crewneck sweatshirts for all the ladies out there. Read on to know why buying women’s California crewnecks from California Glory makes for a great investment.

What kind of California crewnecks are these?

  • Comfortable crewnecks: The best thing about our California crewneck sweatshirts for women is that they provide the ultimate in terms of comfort. Feel free to put them on and be in them all day. Trust us, you won't feel any discomfort at all.
  • Pre-shrunk crewnecks: When you buy apparel that’s not pre-shrunk, you’re likely to experience significantly shrunk apparel post-washing. But that’s not what you’ll experience when you buy California crewnecks from California Glory. All our crewnecks are pre-shrunk. So when you buy one from our store, you can bid your post-wash worries goodbye.

What themes of California crewnecks are available?

  • Biking/skating themes: If you’re a biker/skater who loves to show off her skills on the streets of California, what you need is a biking/skating-themed California crewneck sweatshirt.
  • Patriotic themes: Californians are proud of their home state and if you want to put your pride on display in public, why not get a patriotic-themed crewneck?
  • Beach/surfing themes: California’s beaches are the stuff of dreams, and if you want to sport a crewneck while you’re at one of the city’s beaches, get a beach/surfing-themed crewneck.
  • Nature themes: The bounties of Mother Nature are abundant in California. If you’re a nature lover, there’s nothing than better than showing your love to the world by wearing one of our nature-themed California sweatshirt womens. California Glory also offers numerous crewneck options where these themes have been mixed and matched for creating designs that you won’t find anywhere else.

What makes these California crewnecks so great?

  • A near-endless array of options: California Glory’s crewneck sweatshirt collection offers both men and women a near-endless array of options. Buyers can also customize colors for every individual product and pick from multiple available sizes.
  • Uniquely designed: Our crewneck sweatshirts celebrate not just one aspect of California, but many. So, browse our collection and choose whichever theme resonates with you the most.
  • Soft and comfortable feel: When you wear a California Glory crewneck sweatshirt, you can spend hours without feeling uncomfortable. All our crewnecks feature double-needle stitching and air-jet spun yarn, which provide maximum comfort. They’re incredibly lightweight as well, so you can perform heavy-duty tasks in them without ever feeling weighed down.
  • Side seamed crewnecks: Worried about whether our crewnecks will fit you? Put those worries to bed as all our crewnecks are side seamed. Simply pick the right size and the side seaming will ensure that the crewneck sits on your body perfectly.

Why buy California sweatshirts from California Glory?

California Glory offers you a 30-day return policy. So if you buy California crewnecks from us and don’t like it, return it to us and get your money back. We also offer free shipping.