Grand Opening

Our Story

It all started with growing up in California. We were west coast kids.

  • We spent our summers at the beach.
  • Enjoyed great weather all year round.
  • Hiked in beautiful nature.
  • Packed our cars to snowboard and ski all winter long.
  • We have gone a week eating just in-n-out and burritos.

When we got older, we traveled the world. But we never found another place quite like California.

There was never another place that gave us that free and relaxed vibe we get when we are in California. 

If you've never been to California, you will experience it when you go. 

From San Diego to Santa Barbara, up PCH through the Bay all the way to the top.

The people, they have a contagious positive vibe.

I truly believe its the place. Its magical

The weather and quality of life do things to you. You get high on life. 

That's why we had this dream.

We want to bring people together. All different kinds of people, from all walks of life, united under 1 passion, California.

We decided to build this brand around it.

A brand that unifies all different kinds of people over their passion for the state.  We recognize everyone who loves California, no matter who they are.

That's why we have products with all different themes, that share the same theme, California. 

Some people are all about peace and love on the west coast, some are all about their passion, for others its hustle every day, but many of us just want to enjoy nature and go to the beach.

No matter who you are, Californian or not, as long as you want to rock California, we make something especially for you.

At California Glory, we want to give you the experience of finding the piece of California apparel that makes you excited. 

If there is a theme of California apparel you want us to design, just reach out and let us know. 

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