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California T-Shirts


Just imagine yourself stepping out in one of our dope California T-Shirts.

You would be making a real statement.

Real Californians get their state threads from California Glory. We have the most epic selection of high quality California t-shirts for men and women.

About Our Shirts

The main purpose and goal of our California T-Shirts is to provide high quality clothing that enables self-expression.

We are firm believers that what you wear is the ultimate outlet for telling the world who you really are. This is what we aim to deliver to you.

Our collection honors every aspect of California life. We offer essentials like Patriotic California T-Shirts all the way to our very own California Republic Shirt.

We don’t like how most California Shirt brands all look the same. That’s why we decided to be different.

We wanted to create t-shirts for all people from all walks of life. That means young and old, rich and poor, die-hard patriots and hippies alike. We want to make something special for all of you.

We seek to represent all aspects of the culture, pride and lifestyle of California.

So, if you love California, no matter who you are, this is the place for you.

Whether you’re cruisin’ down to the beach, heading out to a ball game or just steppin’ out to enjoy the amazing weather, we have the California t-shirt you need to let the world know who you are.

You will love your t-shirt from California Glory. These shirts are also the perfect gift for the California lover in your life

Simply select the design you love and choose the color and size that you need and never look back.

How Do Our Shirts Look And Feel

All of our California T-shirts are made from 100% combed and rungspun cotton.

The fabric is so light you can practically feel it breathe.

We decided to work with USA suppliers, screen printers and shippers. This is because we know we cannot compromise, we have to deliver top-notch quality.

We also offer our shirts in sizes small to XXXL so we can offer our shirts to any body type.

When you order from us, you can expect an amazing shirt that is:

  • Comfy and Strong- Our California T-Shirts are durable by design and are meant to last a long time. Every shirt we sell is professionally screen printed to ensure great quality text and graphics.
  • Low Price- We don’t believe in over charging for something as fun loving as a California T-Shirt. We want to make sure our shirts are affordable to anyone who wants one.
  • Professional Artistic Designs- We hire professional designers to craft the perfect t-shirt designs for you. No matter who you are or what you’re about, we probably have the right shirt for you. However, if for any reason we don’t have the shirt you’re looking for, send us a message through our website or social media, we will be happy to help you find it. If we don’t have it, we might even consider designing it just for you.
  • Easy to Order- You can order any of our California T-Shirts from the comfort of your own home. Enjoy yourself browsing our site, find what you like and we will ship it right to your door. We even offer international shipping so we can spread that California Love world-wide.

If you want to show off your love for California, our t-shirts will make sure you get the job done.

These shirts are made for anyone who wants to wear California across their chest.

We know that there is only one you and no one else can be you. So, nothing should hide the great person you are, especially not what you wear.

We want to offer a shirt for everyone and anyone.

Invite your friends and family to shop with us at California Glory.

Looking Specifically For California Shirts For Women

Just simply use the filter option to show only womens shirts. We have created tons of options specifically for women!

What If I want to See Only Men’s California Shirts

Same as the options for women’s shirts above, just use the filter and select mens.

What Makes Us Different from the Rest?

In almost every aspect of human life, design is what determines potential. That’s why we are focused on providing you with quality tees to match your fashion requirements. Nothing is more important to us than providing our valuable clients with t-shirts of high quality designs.

Our skilled team of designers is tasked with creating amazing designs that will appeal to men and women of all demographics, irrespective of age and lifestyle.

What mostly makes us different from others is our deep interest in how you as our valued customer, would look in any of our designs.

Design is Our First Priority. “Elegance is not standing out, but being remembered” - Giorgio Armani.

Before we sell any of our designs, you occupy our minds. We feel compelled to have an idea of what you want to wear. We picture ourselves putting on a California Glory t-shirt.

Just for example, in one scenario, we picture ourselves on a scorching summer’s day walking down a steep cliff to one of the local beaches.

In a different scenario, we imagine how badass we would look putting on one of our threads for a date.

How would we feel wearing it? How would it turn out? These, as well as others, are what we focus on. That’s our inspiration to come up with quality designs and ensure total satisfaction for you as well as ourselves.

We are pleased when we come up with California t-shirts that effortlessly fit any body and make you feel happy. Our unshaken conviction on durability and quality as well as radical transparency perfectly describes what we stand for.

One of the main features of our t-shirts is the aesthetic. It’s worth noting that the real magic is in the fabric. Our pieces are made out of durable materials. As we progress, we aim to dig deeper to provide a larger variety of fabric alternatives.

Currently, our focus is on a casual but impressive aesthetic for a more relaxed feel and an attractive appearance.

Our design process is rigorous.

We strive to put your emotional comfort first as a representation of your style and let your individuality and personality shine through. Our California t-shirts also have that appealing effect, that makes you capture the eye of everyone you come across.

We see to it that creativity and passion, as well as integrity, are at the center of all our actions. We want our clothing to be part of your lifestyle.

I want everyone who buys one of our shirts to use it to bring out a feeling of bravery and confidence, to boldly pursue your goals in life, and to realize your purpose in this world.

We know that there can only be one you. So, nothing should conceal the amazing person that you are, especially not your choice of clothing.

Bring along style and confidence everywhere you go.

All About The Golden State

Why do we love California? I mean, don’t you also love California?

It's an amazing land of startups, tacos, nature and wine.

California is a beautiful state (the best), no doubt about that. Some more reasons why we love California:

  1. Scenic Landscapes- Here, you can satisfy your spirit of adventure by hiking through the forest at midday and, stargaze in the desert at midnight.California is undoubtedly a gem worth beholding. With panoramic views of mountains, beaches, valleys, deserts, and lakes, California offers not only great places for adventure, but legit reasons to pull over and be mesmerized. Only in California can you ski down the mountains after breakfast then surf at the beach before supper.
  2. Diversity And People- In California, people tend to be warm, welcoming and laid back. One of the best reasons California is such a lively place is the rich cultural diversity that dwells among its people. Its ethnic diversity has grown and flourished, thereby creating an enormous impact not only in California but the rest of the country as a whole.
    Even though it’s impossible to escape all the unruly people in the world, it’s easy to find cool people in California who will give unique perspectives that may bring a more open-minded you. California is very diverse, and it’s a great place to get to know more about lots of cultures.
  3. Beautiful People- One thing about California is that it breeds beautiful people. It also attracts them to come visit…and stay. If it’s not something in the water, it’s definitely the weather.
  4. The Weather- Most of the year, all you need is a t-shirt. Need I say more?
  5. Natural Wonders- California is home to a vast bounty of natural wonders that make it unique from other states. The salt flats of Death Valley, the granite cliffs of Yosemite, the majestic redwoods and the gargantuan sequoias are some of the wonders and precious jewels of California. They are what give California its magic and all-year splendor.

This golden state has something to offer everyone. That’s why we want to offer a California T-shirt for everyone.

California Shirt Culture

For years now, California has been a hub for general street fashion. The casual and cool trends on the streets today that symbolize energy and youthful vibrancy have their roots in California.

California has earned itself a reputation for its free lifestyle and the people’s willingness to try new things. It’s a top spot for all year-round sunshine which means you have the liberty to dress as you please, at whichever time you choose.

This quickly accepted trend has led to a passion for fashion culture over the years.

Regardless of the many fashion trends in California, the most well-known style among most, has to be the t-shirt. It may be a simple piece of clothing, it’s a billboard across your chest that tells your story.

Nothing else brings out an individual’s personality, tastes, and passions like a t-shirt. While some may prefer a plain shirt, life is short, live a little, wear a California T-Shirt.

What Other California Merch Does California Glory Carry?

In addition to offering awesome California T-shirts, we also have an epic selection of California Hats.

Support An Awesome Cause

California is estimated to have an area of 4700 square miles and a population of approximately 40 million people. This makes it the most highly populated state in the USA.

It’s no secret that the more the people, the higher the possibility of wildlife suffering. This could happen through accidental ingestion of human waste by sea creatures, urban expansion or other reckless human behaviors.

This is why we have decided that we will donate a portion of the proceeds from each sale to the California Wildlife Center.

The California Wildlife Center takes the lead in ensuring the safety of Southern California wildlife through rehabilitation, conservation and education.

They are in need of your help in the quest to fulfill their mission. By buying one or two California t-shirts, you are giving back to a noble cause.  Look great and support the earth today!