California Dresses

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Women’s California Themed Dresses

If you’re gearing up for a party for which you need to get all decked up, you need a dress. If you’re a proud Californian at heart and would like your dress to feature one or more Cali themes, you’re at the right place. At California Glory, we offer a variety of California dresses that are simply perfect for your next informal party or meet.

What kind of California dresses are these?

  • Polyester-spandex dresses: Every California dress here at California Glory is made from a combination of polyester and spandex. The combination works wonders in terms of the wearer feeling comfortable in the dresses. So, as far as comfort is concerned, you won’t find more comfortable options anywhere else.
  • Mid-thigh length dresses: All our California dresses are mid-thigh length dresses that are perfect for use both in the summers and the winters. The dresses flare out from the waist as well, which give them a classic appearance, even though they’re quite modern in terms of design.

What themes of California dresses are available?

  • Skating themes: Our catalog of dresses features numerous California skater dresses. If you’re a girl/woman who loves to skate, there’s nothing better than putting on a California skater dress and heading off to the streets of Cali on your skateboard.
  • Road tripping themes: California’s home to some of USA’s most happening and iconic cities. But it’s also home to places of stunning natural beauty. That’s why the people of Cali are never shy of hitting the road in the search for adventure when they get some free time. So, on your next road trip with your friends, sport one of road tripping-themed dresses.
  • Beach themes: California simply wouldn’t be what it is today without its beautiful beaches. Our beach-themed California dresses are ideal for your days out in the sunny beaches of the state.
  • Grizzly bear themes: The fact that the California grizzly bear is extinct doesn’t undermine its importance to California. It’s still held in high regard and features on the state flag as well. Our grizzly bear-themed dresses celebrate an animal that will forever be one of California’s enduring symbols.

What makes these California dresses so great?

  • Smooth and elastic fabric: The fabric of our California dresses is smooth and elastic, which guarantees comfort to the wearer. Their elasticity ensures that they fit wearers of all body sizes perfectly.
  • Unique design: All the Cali-themed skater dresses at California Glory look unique thanks to their designs, which you just won’t find anywhere else.
  • Options for all body sizes: No matter what your body size is, it won’t be difficult for you to find a Cali-themed dress that suits you at California Glory. Our California dresses are available for body sizes ranging from XS – 3XL.

Why buy California dresses from California Glory?

California Glory has a 30-day return policy. We also provide free shipping on all our products. So, shop for the best Cali-themed apparel and accessories at California Glory and satisfy the proud Californian in you.